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Helpful Articles by Dr. Randy Simmonds

Unplug the Christmas Machine

Have you stopped long enough this season to ask yourself why you are doing all the things that you are doing during the Season? Have you sat down and written out why you even want to celebrate Christmas? Have you actually asked yourself what you believe about this season of the year and what is really important to you?

Are You Listening…to Yourself?

Have there been times in your life when you feel that you are just going through the motions; there’s no passion or purpose or sustainable meaning in your life? Is that feeling occasional or more of a persistent experience? Do the patterns and experiences of your life give you a strong sense of direction and intention, or have you too often found yourself wondering what’s it all about?

Loneliness is not a Four-Letter Word

The Last Third: Aging in Our Culture

There are all sorts of mythologies about senior years. But we can be more determinative about the direction and emotion of our lives.

Integrity and Hope in Adult Years

Have you ever wondered, What's next? If you scan your local bookshop shelves, you will find quite a few books on the second half of life's issues. These books ask questions about purpose and meaning, taking you through exercises designed to elicit thoughts about the course of your life and how you will design and direct your adult years.

The Teenage Brain?

Does your teenager's behavior sometimes defy all rational explanation? Research in the last decade has given us some dramatic new insight into the development of the brain. We have learned that brain size stabilizes at about age 12, but development and neural pathways continue to develop until about age 25.

Violence is Never Justified

There are a number of factors that contribute to violence in our society - peer pressure, the need for attention or respect, feelings of low self worth, early childhood abuse or neglect, and witnessing violence at home, in the community or in the media.

Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

Although some mental health professionals have viewed spirituality more as a cause of problems than as a source of solutions, the reality is that many people look to their own spirituality for support and guidance during times of stress and crisis. There are numerous studies that clearly document that many people turn to religious and spiritual sources for coping not only in times of extreme stress, but also for strength and support in daily life experiences.

Indicators of Risk for Suicide

One of the questions that I am asked regarding suicide is, How do I know whether my friend or family member is suicidal. There are no answers that are 100% certain to this concern, but there are some very clear indicators that suggest intervention is needed. Two areas of exploration are useful to answer the question about a friend or loved one: historical context and clinical indicators.