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Helpful Articles by April Wilson

Quick Fix for Depression?

Depression is highly treatable. Treatment is most effective when it is combated on a variety of different levels. Depression is not something you imagine or something to be ashamed of. It is real, with real causes and solutions.

The Facts About Inhalants

Inhalants are substances that have another purpose, but when inhaled or huffed, create a high. Examples of inhalants include glue, paint, markers, air fresheners, whipped cream cans, etc. More than 40% of middle-school kids in Eagle County use them. The problem is that they can kill.

Moving Forward With Your Story - Part III

Does shame keep you from telling your life story?

What Does the Term Addiction Mean?

Addiction is a term often used in our society. Within recent years, a whole variety of new addictions have been identified: video games, internet/computer usage, exercice, pornography, sex, food, drinking, of course, alchohol.

Teens and Drinking

Adolescence is a time of breaking away from parents, forming new friendships, and discovering what one really believes. It is also a time of taking risks. For a lot of teens this includes drinking.